Hey! Welcome back to our blog series on keyword research! If you haven’t yet read our previous installments, it’s important you do so or else you’ll be missing some crucial information and advice! Click on the following links to complete your education:

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Part 4: How to do keyword research using Google?

How does google keyword planner work?

Google has provided quite a nifty and useful keyword research tool that can be seen as the next step in your journey to establishing your keyword list. It’s called “Adword Planner” and it’s easy, FREE to use and provides some really important metrics related to the keywords you’re looking at. Awesome!

All you need to use Adword Planner is a Gmail account and to get started, click on the Link below:
Once you have signed in to your account, select “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” as shown in the screenshot below. We’ve used the longtail keyphrase “how do I do keyword research”:

Adword keyword planner

Next, take the list of keywords and phrases you made from that initial Google search exercise (pg. 10, 11) and put them into this Google keyword research tool. Make sure you fill in the details of the audience you’re targeting, like country, language and product category, etc. Finally, once the page has loaded, select “Get ideas” and you should see something similar to the screenshot shown below…

Adwords results page

You can see from these Adword Planner suggestions that from just ONE keyword – “How do I do keyword research?” – Google has come up with a staggering 742 alternatives! With all those options, surely there’s no need to look any further!

Yes, there is.

The trick with Adword Planner and with many free keyword research tools is that you can’t rely on just one to procure a list of highly targeted, searched-for, KILLER keywords that will bring your website loads of online business. Effective and profitable keyword research requires that you examine multiple sources and if you have the money to make use of paid keyword research tools, GREAT! If not, there are enough free tools to get you a really good-looking list.

Want to learn more? Click Here to check out our Ultimate Guide To Keyword Research – it’s FREE and contains the A-Z of advice on putting together a killer list of keywords that’ll drive unprecedented volumes of traffic to your website.