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Optimize Your Backlink Profile for Hummingbird

The backlink checker tool essentially makes it incredibly quick and easy to see how your website’s link popularity compares with that of your competitors, while also learning about where your website traffic is coming from and who is linking to you. By assessing the quantity and quality of these backlinks, you can eliminate any toxic links that could be hurting your ranking!

Our SEO tool helps you identify where you need to diversify your backlink anchor text so that your site looks more organic and natural to search engines. To avoid being penalized by Google’s algorithm filters, diversifying your backlink profile is essential and this backlink checker helps you achieve that.

The same concept mentioned above applies to the anchor text used in your link. Too much repetition of backlink text (which is what search engines use to understand what your site is about) can make it appear “spammy” and this will cost you valuable traffic.

Receive a comprehensive overview of your website’s various incoming links and – in the status bar – whether they are helping or hurting your search engine ranking.

Linking Domains Diversity

This SEO checker determines whether your link profile is sufficiently diverse so as to leave your website looking natural in the eyes of search engines.

Most Linked Pages

This component of the Backlink Quality Checker tool allows you to see which of your websites have the greatest number of backlinks and therefore, probably, the greatest web traffic. Your highest page rankings should definitely be optimized so that you can convert those web visitors to paying customers!

Competitor Link Profile

Perform a website analysis of your own link profile and use this SEO tool to compare it with that of your most successful competitors to see if there’s any way you can improve your metrics.

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