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Competitor Backlink Spy Tool

Use the Hard Work of Your Competitors to Build Your Own Success

Our Competitor Backlink Spy runs a comprehensive check of your competitors’ backlinks, discovering from which sources they are getting their best traffic and references. This site analysis provides you with a quick and easy list of the most profitable and rewarding websites and directories on which you should be focusing your attention and marketing efforts. Having your brand name and/or URL cited in these locations and alongside your competitors not only drives direct traffic from these sites, but also makes you more visible in the eyes of Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, which values citations, references and links. This is sneaky, but perfectly legal, search engine optimization strategy at its best!

Citations are URL quotes or mentions of your brand name without an actual hyperlink to your website. Citations are extremely valuable in the eyes of the Google Hummingbird algorithm, so building quality citations are crucial for getting your site ranked highly.

Our SEO tools make it easy for you to determine which websites are sending traffic to your competitors. You can then contact those website owners and ask them to possibly give your site a mention too.

Determine which of the pages linking to your competitors’ sites are of the most value in terms of traffic and then start linking your own website to these pages.

Spy On Up To 75,000 Competitor Links

Make a list of your most formidable competitors and run them through our spy link site analysis tool to find out where they’re getting their most valuable website traffic and client leads from. You can then exploit this knowledge to your own brand’s benefit, rather than spending unnecessary time and marketing money on figuring it out by trial and error.

Discover Backlink Opportunities

Get a keen insight into the kinds of content your competitors are publishing that are getting the most backlinks (via how-to-articles, reviews and Infographics, etc.) and use these insights to generate your own highly link able content

Automated Checks on a Schedule

Depending on the particular SEO Tools Package you’ve chosen, you can schedule your Competitor Backlink Spy site analysis tool to run automatically either once or twice per month to ensure the information you glean from your competitors is up-to-date.

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