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Internal Link Optimization

Optimize Your Website’s Internal Link Architecture

Creating a site that has an organic navigational flow with plenty of internal links is crucial for seduce the latest Google search algorithms into LOVING your site. Our Internal Link Optimization tools are designed to help you determine which of your website pages hold the greatest authority as far as lead conversion is concerned and then help you direct greater traffic their way (through link building) in order to convert more visitors into paying customers and clients. This useful SEO tool and SEO strategy also enables you to produce professional PDF reports to impress your boss, agency, colleagues and clients.

Our Internal Link Optimization tool allows you to perform a thorough analysis of your website’s internal link structure to see where it can be neatened up, improved and optimized and where wasteful links can be eliminated. This adds tremendously to its appeal to search engine algorithms, which dislike a messy internal link structure.

Comb through the plain text on your website for link-building opportunities to encourage readers to navigate to other, more relevant pages on your website and keep them engaged for longer. The longer a web user remains on your website for, the more favorable your site will appear to search engines. It also increases the likelihood of making a lasting impact upon that user, which means more leads and sales!

Our Link Optimization Tool offers up an incredible host of features that allow you to optimize your website’s internal link structure to increase conversions and keep it looking neat and attractive in the eyes of search engines.

Landing Page Analysis

Perform a detailed website analysis to see which pages are attracting the greatest traffic from search engines and which links are directing this traffic to your page. The objective here is to determine how authoritative your pages and links are in the eyes of search engines.

Link-Savvy Your SEO Copywriting

Connect your various website and content pages intelligently using links, thereby lending greater authority to those pages while also channeling traffic back to your key landing pages. You can also use the Link Text Analysis tool to make sure you avoid any link text spamming practices.

Link Text Analysis

Use this SEO tool to determine what link text is used for all the outgoing and incoming interlinks on your site. You can then tweak them to make your internal links diverse, relevant and highly attractive to Google’s latest search algorithm update, Hummingbird.

Eliminate Wasteful Links

Want to find out how your competitors are ranking for keywords you’re both targeting? This useful SEO tool allows you to do just that simply by adding your competitor website’s URLs to the competitor section of the Keyword Ranking tool.

SEO Your Internal Links

This SEO tool reports to you which pages are receiving the greatest traffic, from what links and what anchor text. Once you understand why these pages are performing well, you can optimize them and your website’s other pages according to this SEO strategy to drive more traffic and convert more leads.

 Opportunities for Internal Link Building

Any keyword research you’ve done using the Keyword Research Tool can easily be integrated with the Rank Tracking function for convenience and efficiency.

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