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Building a list of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry and business, as well as its products and services, is one of the first crucial steps you must take in the practice of effective search engine optimization. Our keyword research tool provides you with unlimited keyword suggestions from which you can make your selection, the number of which depending on the SEO Tools Package you have signed up for. You can then use this tool to analyze these keywords, while also spying on the keywords your most successful competitors are using.

Use our intuitive and sophisticated keyword research tool to generate lists of keywords and key phrases that are highly relevant to your business and industry. You can then use these in your SEO efforts to get your website ranking highly on both local and global search results pages. Our keyword research tool also incorporates suggestions from the world’s largest search engine, Google, so you can rest assured that the keywords you’re being recommended are extremely relevant and will supercharge your online marketing efforts!

Our keyword research tool has been specially designed to be convenient and easy to use, offering up thousands of highly relevant suggestions, all neatly categorized and in one place. Instead of going backward and forward between sources, our intuitive keyword research tool makes it easy for you to compile your keyword lists without missing out on any potentially profitable opportunities. Our “Spy On Competitors” tool even allows you to see where your competitors are getting the majority of their traffic from so that you can skip the learning curve and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Enjoy a convenient and easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides unlimited keyword suggestions to get your website ranking highly on both global and local search results pages.

Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

Use our keyword tool to generate reams and reams of keywords that are related to your business, products and services. You can also make full use of our keyword metrics (global and local monthly searches, keyword effectiveness index, competition, etc.) to determine which ones would attract the most traffic to your website.

Local SEO Keywords

Targeting local search engines/directories with your SEO efforts is as important as targeting global search engines, like Google. Our keyword tool allows you to select your target language and country for some quality local keyword suggestions.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Your most successful competitors are a treasure trove of extremely useful search engine optimization information, so making use of our “Spy On Competitors” keyword tool can lead you straight to the most successful keywords for your business website!

Get Suggestions from Google Search

All too often, people miss out on long-tail keywords that might seem a little obscure and yet are highly searched for. Our keyword tool offers up Google Search suggestions, so that you don’t miss a single high-ranking keyword.

Everything You Need in One Place

Our keyword tool displays everything you need to know in one location. By offering up thousands of suggestions from a plethora of sources, you’re saved the time and hassle of logging into multiple paid keyword tools and competitor sites to do your research.

Categories Your Keywords

Our keyword research tool makes it possible for you to organize your keywords into different lists, perhaps for different websites, products and/or services, depending on your SEO Tools package. You can then access these lists via our other SEO tools for ultimate convenience.

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