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Check the Ranking Of Your SEO Keywords

Genius SEO Tool’s rank tracking and SEO checker function is exceptionally useful in helping you assess the local and global positioning of your website (and the keywords for which its optimized) in relation to its competition. Our SEO checker runs automatic scans of more than 370 local and global search engines on the schedule you set for it (depending on the SEO Tools package you’re on), yielding up-to-date data by city and country. The rank tracking function also shows you how your website is performing on ALL fronts, from paid ads and organic search to local listings, mobile versus desktop and more.

Our keyword tool displays everything you need to know in one location. By offering up thousands of suggestions from a plethora of sources, you’re saved the time and hassle of logging into multiple paid keyword tools and competitor sites to do your research.

Analyze your website’s performance across all channels and at the local and global level whenever you want. Depending on which SEO Tools Package you’re on, you can set our nifty keyword tools to scan daily, weekly or monthly.

Our keyword research tool makes it possible for you to organize your keywords into different lists, perhaps for different websites, products and/or services, depending on your SEO Tools package. You can then access these lists via our other SEO tools for ultimate convenience.

Keyword Rankings on all Results Channels

Gone are the days when search engines directed web users to text websites only. Now, with Google and other search engines fetching blended search results (images, videos, text websites, scholarly articles, paid ads, news, maps and more), it’s important that you assess your website’s keyword rankings on these other channels as well. This is precisely what our Search Engine Optimization Checker tool does for you.

Keyword Rankings on +370 Search Engines

View your site’s performance (according to keyword) on more than 370 local and global search engines, such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Rediff, Bing, Voila, Seznam and more.

Stay Ahead of Google Updates

Google is constantly updating its search algorithms in order to optimize its users’ web experience. Our Search Engine Optimization tools ensure that you stay one step ahead of the algorithm changes by providing you with Google Updates milestones, which are displayed on the easy-to-understand Web Analytics and Keyword Ranking graph. This will allow you to optimize your site according to these updates before its ranking has a chance to slip.

Competitor Ranking Analysis

Want to find out how your competitors are ranking for keywords you’re both targeting? This useful SEO tool allows you to do just that simply by adding your competitor website’s URLs to the competitor section of the Keyword Ranking tool.

Desktop Versus Mobile Search Results

With the commercial explosion of smart phones and other mobile devices, more than half of the world’s searches are no longer being performed on desktop computers. Our keyword ranking tool allows you to monitor your website’s performance on (and distinguish between) mobile devices and desktop computers, so that you can see how web users are reaching your site.

 Integration with Other Tools

Any keyword research you’ve done using the Keyword Research Tool can easily be integrated with the Rank Tracking function for convenience and efficiency.

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