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The realm of online marketing was irrevocably changed with the explosion and proliferation of social media and networking sites across the Internet. Social media has since become a fundamental avenue through which brands can establish their presence, connect with their target audience, manage their reputations and, ultimately, sell their products and services. So entrenched has social media become in online marketing strategy that a business website without a corresponding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+, Instagram, etc. account is a business that’s missing out on a substantial share of the marketplace!

Genius SEO Tools’ Social Metrics feature enables you to know exactly what’s been said about you, your competitors and your chosen keywords in the innumerable blogs, social networks, discussion forums, bookmarks and other avenues of social communication out there.

It also allows you to track your popularity on the various social media sites and how often your content is being liked, shared and commented on, etc. By keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing, the Social Metrics tool helps you stay one step ahead of your competition and makes sure you never lag behind in the social media game.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your social media marketing endeavors with our Social Metrics tools, which enable you to unravel the story behind each and every visitor to your website. Manage your reputation, keep an eye on your competitors and ensure that your social media efforts are highly targeted to your intended audience.

Industry Trends

Customize your Web Buzz Monitoring tool to see which keywords and phrases are popular and trending right now in your particular industry! This will tell you what topics are hot and should be focused on in your content publishing efforts.

Competitor Social Media Popularity

See how your competitors are doing in their social media marketing and give yourself the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and successes.

Manage Your Reputation

Your most successful competitors are a treasure trove of extremely useful search engine optimization information, so making use of our “Spy On Competitors” keyword tool can lead you straight to the most successful keywords for your business website!

Social Traffic

Discover how many targeted visitors are being channeled to your website via your social media efforts and learn how to build a highly effective campaign.

Social Media Engagement

Use this tool to understand how your social media marketing efforts are linking back to your website’s landing pages. This will enable you to refine your efforts, curb back unnecessary spending and optimize your investment where it’s seeing the greatest ROI.


Have your Social Metrics and social media marketing results displayed to you in easy-to-understand graphs and descriptive widgets.

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