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Toxic Backlink Checker Tool

Keep Your Website Google Compliant With Our Toxic Backlink Analyzer

A newer feature of Google’s algorithm updates dictates that websites with bad backlink profiles will have their ranking negatively impacted. What this means is that Webmasters need to eliminate any toxic links and unnatural/spammy links that might be keeping their websites from recovering from the penalty hit they took from Google’s algorithm updates. Our Toxic Links Site Analysis tool enables you to ensure your backlink profile is neat, tidy and doesn’t contain any harmful links that may be hurting your traffic.

Our Toxic Backlink Checker tool offers you two indispensable benefits: (1) it enables you to perform a thorough analysis of your website and locate harmful links that are damaging your search engine rankings, and (2) it explains to you why these links are considered harmful or “toxic”. This is an invaluable lesson to learn!

By understanding why Google considers certain links to be toxic, you can avoid making these kinds of mistakes again in the future. And, of course, our Toxic Backlink Checker tool makes it possible for you to eliminate these links from your profile, or to report them to Google, which will then walk you through the process of doing so.

Use this internal link optimization tool to generate a list of “Toxic Links.” Once you have investigated each link thoroughly, you can decide which ones to eliminate.

Report them to Google

If you still find yourself struggling to eliminate certain toxic links, you can always report them to Google. You will be walked through the process of disavowing this link.

Review these toxic links

The algorithms used by our Toxic Link Site Analysis tool enable you to easily detect these harmful links and understand why they are considered toxic. Go through each site one by one and ask they to remove the link if you feel they are damaging your website traffic.

Tidy up your backlink profile

Comply with Google’s Penguin algorithm and keep your backlink profile neat, clean and pristine! You can even schedule the Toxic Links Site Analysis tool to run periodic checks of your website to make sure nothing has gone undetected.

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