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Understand and Monitor Your Website’s Vitals With Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a comprehensive site analysis tool that enables you to gather, interpret and understand all data pertaining to your business website and its social media. Actually, Web Analytics gathers and organizes this data for you, providing you with easy-to-understand graphs, trends and quantitative values that you can use to plot a new and more profitable course for your SEO strategy.

Web Analytics affords you a bird’s-eye view of your website’s most important metrics, from the volume of website traffic and where it’s coming from to the demographics of your visitors and how they choose to navigate your site.

This site analysis tool also enables you to spy on your competitors’ traffic, providing you with the opportunity to perfect your own site’s SEO, functionality and navigation to be on par with that of your fiercest competition.

By connecting your Genius SEO Tool’s account with your clients’ Google Analytics accounts, you can save yourself the time and hassle of having to remember multiple login credentials. Access all of your clients’ accounts from your Genius SEO Tool’s Web Analytics account, making life much easier.

Your SEO Data + Google Analytics

Our Web Analytics tool makes it easy to connect, access (in one location) and combine all of your marketing analytical data reporting, including SEO analytics data, competitor SEO metrics, Google Analytics reports, backlink stats, keyword ranking reports and more.

Competitor Traffic Data

While you can’t gain access to your competitor’s Web Analytics accounts, what you can do is spy on trends relating to their visitor traffic, which allows you to stack your performance against theirs.

Customized Google Analytics PDF Reports

Generate branded (with your company’s colors and logo) Web Analytics reports using this site analysis tool. These can be emailed to colleagues, clients and/or your boss, or they can be scheduled for automatic publishing.

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