indiGlow Hair & Beauty

IndiGlow is a hair, nail and beauty product retailer that specialises in salon quality products, which it offers at competitive prices. IndiGlow has partnered with a whole host of South African distributers, while also maintaining a vast network of hair salons and retail stores, offering the public the world’s greatest brands in hair, nail and beauty. A very significant portion of IndiGlow’s business is done online and so they recruited the team here at Genius Web Solutions to help supercharge their online presence and success.

We began our working relationship with IndiGlow by inherited their existing website, which required extensive reworking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compliance work. Through this ecommerce site, customers can place orders for hair, nail and beauty products from anywhere in South Africa and get their order delivered directly to their door. As such, it is fundamental that individuals, beauty professionals and salons looking for the products and services IndiGlow supplies can find these products through an Internet search.

Another integral component of the job for IndiGlow was helping to connect them with their target audience online. This required creating and publishing great content with relevant keywords. The website we inherited had more than 12,000 individual products, with each one having its own web page with space for a description and so we set to work acquiring the content to fill these pages. IndiGlow decided to supply this content themselves and had our content writer proofread and edit it.

In addition to the prodigious content requirements of IndiGlow’s website, we also took the reins on their Adwords campaign and social media marketing, again, working closely with the team at IndiGlow to get the job done. Our work is still very much underway, but you can check out their Website Here.

If you would like to talk to us about a website project, Adwords campaign, social media marketing or SEO compliance (or all of the above), don’t hesitate the contact the team here at Genius Web Solutions by filling out our quick Contact Form, emailing us at or giving us a call on +27 (0)61 464 2632.