Orly Beauty

For over 40 years, Orly has led the pack in the nail care industry. Credited with the invention of the Original French Manicure, this company is at the very cutting-edge of any and all innovations in nail lacquer and gel. Any nail colour, treatment, texture or design your imagination can conceive… Orly’s done it and the team here at Genius Web Solution is super proud to have this Company as our client.

Orly is, in fact, our newest baby so we’re still in the throes of getting their digital marketing campaign set up and running. We have completed their new website design and development, which you can Check Out Here. We also did a total overhaul of their onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that Orly (and all their associated products) can get found by local and global search engines with the aim of driving tonnes of traffic to their new, beautiful website.

Currently, we’re involved in an all-out effort to create, publish and market great quality content for Orly for their social media pages and blog. This is the content that will be indexed by search engines and attract quality, targeted traffic to their website. Of course, through marketing great content, Orly will also become a household name and one that is synonymous with nail care!

The next step in this project is to get Orly set up with some additional SEO tools and services that will enable them to keep a finger on the pulse of their website’s performance. Most of our clients have signed up for monthly SEO Tools Packages, which enable them to monitor and understand their website’s performance in terms of traffic and sales.

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