Tactile Technologies

Since its conception in 2001, Tactile Technologies has grown to become a leading distributor of touch screen monitors, PCs and displays (and peripherals) throughout Africa and parts of Europe. They work with some of the biggest names and manufacturers in touch screen technology, such as Elo (credited as the inventor of the touch screen monitor), FEC, Citaq and MiTAC, to offer their clients and resellers a comprehensive range of excellent products at competitive prices. The markets Tactile Technologies is active in include hospitality, retail, healthcare, banking, mining, restaurant, gaming, industrial and more.

Given their size and reach, being able to take the reins of Tactile Technologies’ website design and digital marketing campaign has been a huge privilege for the Genius Web Solutions team. And take the reins, we have! We are currently responsible for every aspect of their online presence:

  • The design, development and Search Engine Optimization of a brand new website.
  • The creation of complex content marketing and distribution strategy.
  • The production of quality descriptions for hundreds of individual touch screen products, barcode scanners, and peripherals.
  • The setting up of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for them to use for database marketing.
  • The management of their Adwords campaign, all social media, and blog.

We also kept our graphic designer busy with dozens of multi-media projects, such as animated videos, presentations, PDFs, product pages, data sheets, and more.

Tactile Technologies is a very hands-off client, preferring to leave the grind work up to Genius Web Solutions, stepping in only when feedback and approval is necessary. This is an important point we like to make to all of our clients: some prefer to oversee all aspects of our work with them, while others are happy to hand over the reins. Our team can quickly and happily adapt to whatever management style a client is comfortable with. Genius Web Solutions is very much a one-stop shop for online marketing and website design and we allow our clients to define the nature and involvement of our working relationship.

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Tactile Technologies serves the entirety of South Africa and Africa but they also have an office in Eersel, Netherlands. As such, we understood early on that their digital marketing efforts would need to target a global audience and not just South Africa. Since we started our marketing campaign, we have managed to get Tactile Technologies ranking higher on global search engines than local (for a suite of keywords), which just goes to show that we know how to craft content that targets specific markets!

Check out Tactile Technologies’ Website.