WallArt Studios

WallArt Studios is a one-stop online store that specializes in high-end vinyl wall art stickers, tattoos and decals. The design team at WallArt Studios creates unique designs that are tailor-made to suit the individual’s tastes and can be customized by colour, orientation and size

WallArt Studios maintains an extensive product range in a vast spectrum of themes from nautical, love, animals and headboard designs to maps, landmarks, Bansky street art and Dr. Seuss themes. They will even craft bespoke designs at the special request of customers so they truly are a comprehensive retailer for wall art stickers and decals.

We were approached by WallArt Studios to help them improve their online visibility and to start driving a lot more traffic and prospective customers to their online store. We inherited an existing website and our first task – to attract the attention of search engines – was to start creating quality (and SEO-savvy) product descriptions for their individual wall art sticker designs and themes.

We were also tasked with taking over and managing their Adword campaigns and social media accounts to help attract attention to and awareness of the brand). The specific challenge we faced with this account was the fact that WallArt Studios has quite a specific target audience and so we had to work closely with the client to develop and target this audience.

You can check out WallArt Studio’s Website Here and view the product descriptions we’ve been writing for them by clicking on any of the individual product pages.