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Social media has become an indispensable channel through which businesses of all sizes and industries can communicate and engage with their target audiences. An effective social media marketing strategy is crucial for success!

Humans are social creatures that derive emotional and psychological strength from contact with others. And it’s because of our basic, yet powerful drive to connect with other people that social media websites and applications have become so incredibly popular. There are virtually hundreds of social media sites on the Internet with the biggest of these enjoying subscriptions in the billions.

In addition to connecting people and providing a convenient and limitless way for us to engage, share, and interact with each other, social media has opened manifold opportunities for highly targeted marketing. An intelligent and strategic social media marketing campaign can achieve incredible success for businesses of all sizes, industries, and niche markets.

The Genius Web Solutions team has the resources, experience, and passion to help you create and nurture your business’ online representation. We’ll help you to identify the audience you wish to target, create quality, compelling content that your readers and viewers will want to share, and integrate your social media accounts with all other aspects of your online presence.

We will get your business visible to search engines and your brand highly reputable among your target audience, thereby increasing visitors to your website and attracting new, loyal customers to your business!

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We’ll begin by creating a suite of social media profiles on sites that are most suitable and beneficial to your business. To achieve the best representation of your business, we’ll put together quality content and make use of your brand’s existing aesthetics (color scheme, logo, etc.) or even design you a new “look” that resonates with your audience.

Brand Monitoring

What are people currently saying about your business? Our social media team will track your brand’s reputation and help you understand how it’s perceived by its target audience. We’ll then implement the necessary strategies and post the right content to improve your brand image and clean up its reputation. Even if it’s already good, it can always be better!

Social Media Management

Our team of social media experts will perform the daily tasks that are necessary to manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience. This requires the daily production and posting of quality, share-worthy content, as well as fielding inquiries, responding to comments and messages, and reaching out to your audience.

Social Media Platforms

There is a truly vast number of social media sites to choose from and while it’s good to establish your brand on as many of these as possible, you also need to make sure you can actively represent yourself on those platforms, or else you’ll lose touch with your audience. We’ll help you determine the most suitable type of social media platform and content for your brand.


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With the right social media strategy, you can transform your brand into a household name and enjoy the incredible success this kind of publicity brings. Genius Web Solutions has the tools, resources, experience and passion to help you to achieve great social media success!

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