Jaco Snyman

Jaco Snyman is our resident Google Adwords man who has been working in the field almost since its launch in the year 2000. With 15 years’ experience under his belt, Jaco is quite conceivably the most qualified Adwords professional in South Africa!

Adwords is a highly flexible marketing platform that can offer clients a high return on investment. So while it does involve paid advertising, you can get incredible business from every marketing dollar you channel into it. Adwords also taps into considerable, high-quality traffic sources and enables businesses to learn volumes about the marketplace in which they’re competing.

Much of the work we do here at Genius Web Solutions is focussed on getting our clients’ websites to rank organically (i.e. without paid advertising) within the top 10 search results on local and global search engines. However, running an intelligent Adwords campaign really helps a digital marketing campaign to get a running start and can drive huge traffic, leads and sales.

Both Jaco Snyman and our CEO, Eugene Wood, work closely together to strategize and plan efficient, cost-effective Adwords campaigns for our clients so that we can secure them a fantastic heap of benefits, including increased web traffic and targeted customer leads.

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