Thea Beckman

Thea Beckman is Genius Web Solutions’ Content Writer and Director: it’s her brain that conceives all the words on your web pages, blogs, product descriptions or any other creative/marketing pieces you may have drafted by us. If content is king, Thea is definitely queen!

Thea began her copywriting career 7 years ago when she moved to Thailand after completing her science degree to “complete her practicum in life,” she says. She suffers from a severe case of the Travel Bug and so she regularly jets off to exciting international destinations with her laptop in tow so that she can continue her work. Thea has written content on a truly Herculean variety of subjects, from travel, food, high-performance cars and gaming systems to touch screen technology, education, digital marketing and renewable energy.

She has a devastatingly intimidating résumé and tirelessly produces content of any length and topic in any conceivable format, including blogs, reviews, articles, research papers, website content, press releases, news articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and ebooks.

Thea studied digital marketing through the University of Cape Town (UCT). She also has a Masters Degree in Science (MSc) under her belt so she’s incredibly skilled at performing efficient research and putting together masterful content that’s educational and engaging. She is a successful blog writer and an aspiring author with a book on the way to being published, so Genius Web Solutions feels incredibly privileged to have her on our team as our resident copywriter!

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